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Tampere’s LUMATE Centre is a body aiming to encourage young peoples interest and enthusiasm towards the practice and study of the natural sciences, mathematics and technology.
(The name “LUMATE” is an acronym derived from the Finnish words for these three disciplines. The name is similar to the english acronym “STEM”, or Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics)

In order to achieve this goal, the centre works in close co-operation with schools, universities and local and national businesses. Amongst the centre’s most important tasks are; providing help and support for teachers, transferral of up-to-date knowledge to schools and the integration of said knowledge into current teaching, as well as arranging continuing education and training for teachers.

The LUMATE centre was founded in the spring of 2011 by a collaborative effort of the following member organisations;

The centre, which operates from the campus of Tampere Univerity of Technology serves the whole of the Pirkanmaa area as well as the neighbouring counties of  Kanta-Häme and Southern Pohjanmaa

LUMATE operates as a part of the national LUMA– network.

Cooperative Partners

LUMATE Centre works in cooperation with many other organisations. Our major cooperative partners are

  • The Council of Tampere Region
  • The City of Tampere

LUMATE Centre is a part of the national LUMA network

  • National LUMA-Centre, Helsinki
  • Ouluma- Forum for LUMA-Activities in the North of Finland
  • University of the East of Fnland’s LUMA Centre

Contact Details

LUMATE Centre main office is based at the Tampere University of Technology

Tampere LUMATE-Centre
PL 527
33101 Tampere

The LUMATE Centre Laboratory is located at the Tampere High School of Technology
Street address – Hepolamminkatu 10, building L

Director of Tampere LUMATE Centre

TkT, professor Esa Räsänen
tel. 050 301 3386

Deputy Director of Tampere LUMATE Centre

University Lecturer Jorma Joutsenlahti
tel. 040 190 4171

Executive Director

FM Susanna Petäjistö
p.040 198 1329


FM Laura Salkonen
Please feel free contact us with any ideas or comments.

Café Scientifique

Café Scientifique is a series of entertaining and often topical lectures and talks, which take place once a month in Tampere. Every month we feature a different guest speaker, and a different subject. These talks are free of charge and open to the public.

The event usually the event takes place from 6pm onwards in Tampere’s main library “Metso”, although the venue may be subject to change, depending on the size of the event, and the availability of venues.

Click here to check the calendar for details of upcoming events (in finnish)

Science Clubs

LUMATE centre provides after school science clubs for children (3rd to 6th Grade). These clubs provide enquiring young minds with an inspiring, enlivening and hands-on environment in which to exercise their interest in the sciences.

The club meetings take place once a week, with a different theme each week, and participants will enjoy activities and experiments designed to help them explore and understand that theme. The children will also become familiar with common laboratory equipment, procedures, and safety.

Currently we offer science clubs in both Finnish and English language, as well as more specialised clubs such as our popular Lego Robotics club.

Most of the science clubs take place in the evenings in our own laboratory based at the Tampere High School of Technology in Hervanta and also in  the teaching laboratory of the University of Tampere, based in the city centre.

We also organise afternoon clubs at several schools in the Tampere area, in conjunction with the  schools’ own  HIP (“harrastava iltapäivä -toiminta” or “afternoon hobby activities”) programmes

Places are allocated to applicants on a lottery basis, and children are eligible to apply for more than one of our clubs. Participation in LUMATE science clubs is free of charge.

Science Camps

LUMATE Centre organises fun and entertaining science based activity camps during the school holidays (summer and autumn). Typically the science camp will last for one week, with morning and afternoon activities every day.

Participation in LUMATE science camps is free of charge.

The science camp is non-residential.

Other Science Events

In addition to our science clubs and camps, from time to time, LUMATE organises other scientific events, sometimes in conjunction with other organisations. Details of all upcoming events can be found from our events calendar.

Education and Training

For teachers

On this page we have collected various resources for teachers. Here you can find a conversation forum wherein you can post comments, share teaching material, and discuss the latest events.

In order to use the conversation forum, you must first register as a user

There is also a link to our own material bank, containing teaching materials and ideas gathered from many of our activities and events. Feel free to comment or send your own ideas via the conversation forum.

For those wishing to update and develop their skills and knowledge here is a link where you will find current opportunities for in-service education.

For students and prospective students

LUMATE Centre can provide you with the contacts and guidance you need to pursue a course of study in science, mathematics or technology at universities or polytechnics in our area.

University level education is provided by Tampere University of Technology, and the University of Tampere. Polytechnics in the area include Tampere University of Applied Sciences, Häme University of Applied Sciences and Seinajoki University of Applied Sciences

Through the links on these pages you can acquaint yourself with the courses on offer from these various institutions.